• Lisa Perry

    Certified FocalPoint Business Coach. Certified Professional Co-active Coach. NLP Coach Practitioner. International Coach Federation (ACC).


    Business, Leadership, & Transformative Coaching

    Looking for stronger leadership skills for yourself or your team? Need Clarity in your business? Desire a more effective style to get control of your time back?  


    My coaching style focuses on Personal and Business Leadership, creating Empowered decisions and Focused action. It is a creative partnership with YOU that helps to identify, clarify and create the vision, the business and the life you want!

  • Impacts of Coaching

    What Coaching Can do For You

    Having a Coach can assist you in bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be far more effectively than working alone. A Coach can help you do this by:

    • Raising your awareness using assessments, powerful questioning techniques, allowing you to get clear on your vision and focusing on the path to get there
    • Assisting you in creating practical Actions to reach your Goals
    • Providing on-going support throughout the process and helping you to see new perspectives on obstacles and challenges that may occur
    • Empowering you with tools, techniques and strategies to create lasting change and success
    • Being a trusted advisor and accountability partner

    It can sometimes feel lonely at the top when you're expected to have all of the answers. A Coach can assist you in decisive action and achieving your goals with the use of powerful techniques that allow you to uncover your own answers, gain clarity on what you want and unveil what could be holding you back. This new level of self-awareness creates more space for potential, possibilities and opportunities.


    Coaching focuses on future possibilities rather than past mistakes. The most vital role of a Coach is to help you unlock potential, maximize performance and get the results you desire. Regardless of whether you come to coaching for stronger leadership, greater effectiveness or improved business results, a good coach can help you achieve these.


    The Coaching process allows you to take a step back, see the big picture, and become clear in order to create a plan for success. Through this process you will better understand your issues and become more aware of your perceptions, beliefs, habits, behaviors, values and strengths necessary for your success!

    Some of the Impacts Coaching Can Have

    • Balance
    • Setting Attainable Goals
    • Improved Leadership Skills
    • Effective Communication
    • Increased Performance
    • Accountability
    • Develop Hight-Potential Employees
    • Confidence and Self Esteem
    • Increased Emotional Intelligence
    • Healthier Relationships
    • Personal Transformation
  • What Coaching Looks Like

    What to expect

    Lisa's Coaching Style & Structure

    Coaching is most successful when done as a series of interventions, typically one to two weeks apart. This time span is far enough apart to reflect on the previous session and work on any actions set, and yet close enough to keep the momentum. My coaching sessions average 60-75 minutes in length. In the first session we design our coaching alliance together, discuss issues of concern, background information and your goals for coaching. Following sessions continue to get more specific and will be guided by the topic that you bring forward to each coaching session as well as the FocalPoint coaching material that will be discussed together. This includes weekly reading material and questions to be completed by the following coaching session.


    Coaching Teams in a corporate setting are structured in a similar fashion and it is ideal to have team-members benefiting from coaching, striving for success together.


    I am currently based in Southeast Florida, however due to Covid most coaching currently takes place over Zoom and is just as effective and allows the client to be anywhere in the world, something most people are finding very convenient these days. It is absolutely not necessary to be in the same room for lasting impact and transformation to occur, and virtual coaching can be an extremely effective way to make the most of your time. My clients are scattered throughout the world due to the effectiveness of online conferencing technology.


    I offer a complimentary 20-minute call to answer questions, understand your needs, develop rapport and provide details. I can also be reached at lperry@focalpointcoaching.com.


    Please email me or fill out the 'Contact Me' form below if you would like more information or to set up a call.


  • Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.

    About Me


    I am a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach (FocalPoint Coaching & Training), a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute) and an Associate Certified Coach (International Coach Federation). I focus on leadership, clarity, effectiveness and making empowered decisions. Experienced in coaching executives who aim for higher performance and stronger leadership skills and individuals who are seeking better balance in their life, I partner with my clients for lasting transformation.

    My own professional path took many dynamic twists for me to arrive as a Leadership & Business Coach. I started and stayed most of my career in the non-profit world of environmental conservation, and fell in love with people management and leading teams. I've led expert teams of scientists, conservationists and educators and was proudly part of the many successes they've had.


    The bulk of my professional experience has been with the world's largest conservation organization, WWF (World Wildlife Fund). It includes working as an internal coach for the WWF Global Network, and as the Director of Programs and Senior Advisor for Emirates Nature- WWF where I focused on project teams and encouraged the growth and success of individuals in the organization. I was part of the Senior Executive Team and dedicated to the development of the organization's people and the organization itself, leading an Organizational Culture Change Initiative. I also offer experience in training and development of team members on various concepts related to organizational values, organizational culture, communication, personal development and team management.


    As a Coach, my clients have come from all ages and professional backgrounds. I have worked with clients from all walks of life to uncover their purpose, find their passions and make empowered choices to lead a career and life they love.

    I possess a positive approach to my clients and bring elements of fun and engagement to get results. Non-profit organizations and social causes continue to be my passions, and I look forward to working with people and organizations who continually seek to improve themselves and the world we live in.

  • Globally Recognized Coaching Certifications

    Credentials held by Lisa

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    The Leadership Circle

    The Leadership Circle Profile Certification


    broken image

    Coaches Training Institute

    Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)


    broken image

    International Coach Federation

    Associate Certified Coach (ACC)


    broken image

    American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    *Certified as NLP Practitioner & Coach

    *Certified in Time Line Therapy


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    FocalPoint Coaching & Training Excellence

    Certified Business Coach


  • Professional Background

    Coaching & Facilitation

    broken image

    FocalPoint Business Coach

    Certified Business Coach & Trainer

    2020- Current

    broken image

    Leadership & Transformation Coach

    Professional Co-Active Coach, Personal Leadership & Transformation (CPCC, ACC)


    broken image

    WWF-United Arab Emirates

    Emirates Nature-WWF ( formerly EWS-WWF)

    Senior Advisor, Special Initiatives (Coaching & Org Culture)

    Director of Programs, Conservation & Education

    Member of Senior Executive Team


  • Testimonials

    The word around town

    Ida Tillisch

    Director General – Emirates Nature-WWF

    Lisa helped to align the team to improve effectiveness across the organization. Lisa developed a program which included organizational culture and behavior change/improvement within the wider team, as well as a special program for the leadership. For the leadership team, Lisa included professional coaching sessions and 360 feedback reports. Lisa is pragmatic and a great pleasure to work with. Her sessions were cherished by the team and were run effectively. The outcome was a shared set of values and behaviors, developed, and later on lived by the team. Lisa helped us design the desired culture to be engrained in the day to day operations, including project management, appraisals, team meetings, etc. Lisa also worked closely with the leaders to motivate and create a deeper sense of purpose and collective responsibility at the leadership level.

    Marina Antonopoulou

    Marine Programme Leader - Emirates Nature-WWF

    With empathy and a warm and gentle approach, Lisa guided me through personal revelations and professional achievements. I was given the time and the space to openly express myself and felt encouraged into changing perspectives. This enabled me in my work capacity as well as my personal growth. Lisa is a natural born coach.

    Lisa led a truly inspiring and enlightening process for Emirates Nature -WWF in identifying our organizational values. These values continue to define our culture and underpin our work. She led a number of team workshops on effective communication and openly encouraged dynamic discussions that enriched our journey. The experience was fun and enlightening for all of us.

    Agnes Estay

    Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

    Lisa is the person you want standing by you as you take on new challenges and face your fears head on. As a coach, Lisa is incredibly nurturing yet ruthlessly focused on what truly matters to you. Her thought-provoking questions and insights pushed me toward clarity. My coaching journey with Lisa felt incredibly intuitive.

    Lisa helped me build the confidence and clarity to take risks and regain control of my career. She was on my side when I quit my job and reminded me of my commitments, keeping my vision alive despite my attempts of sabotage.Lisa is unwavering in her commitment to relate to you as the leader of your own life. She has had a profound effect on how I view myself.


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